Are you not sure what door hardware you really need for your wood doors?   do you not know what a "backset" is?   Personally, I did not know what a backset was until i was 31 years old.   are you not sure if the lock you like will work with your thick doors or if the parts are available to make it work with those doors?  did you want someone to look at the existing cuts in your doors to see if the lockset you desire will work those cuts and perhaps hide damage to the wood or advise you if ther doors can be modified or repaired on site so the lock will fit ?

Would you like someone to come to your house and sit down with you at the computer so you can order locksets that will work for you?

Many of the high end locksets such as baldwin and von morris have to be ordered through internet retailers.   and while those retailers have sales staff answering the phones, they may not understand the particular situations we confront on old doors in brooklyn.   I do.   i have been confronting these issues for a decade now as part of my restoration service and frequently deal with Baldwin and Von Morris and am retailer for Marks, Medeco, Multilock, Schlage and Arrow.   I know and install mortise and cylindrical handsets and deadbolts manufactured by these people and more, including antique hardware and hinges.   we stock some of the antique hardware.   

we are happy to visit your home and consult with you on your order which you can choose to have us install when it arrives or can contact another locksmith to install.   if you choose to have us do the installation, 50% of the consulting fee with be deducted from the price of the installation service call. 

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On-Site Consulting Rates

Brooklyn and Queens
$225 for the first hour
$75 per hour thereafter

$250 for the first hour
$75 per hour thereafter

Plus Sales Tax
(which we hate collecting)

if you have an idea as to what you want, a consulting session should take less than an hour

travel time is built into the above rates.