Are you afraid to let some hack who has never heard of a "thick door kit" attempt to install a lock in your 19th century mahogany door?  Worried that some "butcher" will struggle for an afternoon with a problem they can't fix and will destroy your door in the process?  Tired of sub par product purchased from that big box store?  You are not alone.  

After over a decade rebuilding hundreds of historic wood doors in New York City and installing all of the locks and hardware on those doors myself, I realized that many people in Manhattan and Brooklyn were disgusted with the service they got from no name locksmiths they found on the internet.  These "locksmiths" butcher their antique and irreplaceable doors, often leaving the wood in such a state that it takes hundreds of dollars to repair.  When these hacks destroy these old doors, I am the person homeowners call to fix them. As a woodworker first, i know how to work on doors without damaging them and if something should go wrong, i know how to fix it in a professional manner.  

Make no mistake about this:   i am not your neighborhood locksmith.   I generally work on high end product including Baldwin, Medeco, and Multi-Lock.   I also install smart locks such as Yale and Schlage.  All this comes at a cost.   I consider myself "high-end" serving people who appreciate their old wood doors and fine craftsmanship.  With the exception of Baldwin mortise locksets on historic doors, most people do not call me to install a single lock.   They usually call me when they need two or three locksets installed or want special services such key-ups (mastering or keyed alike) or have other special situations (polishing old plates and knobs).  I charge a premium for these services and do not compete with neighborhood locksmiths.

Know this: if you call me to work on your old locks or install modern locks on your antique doors, you will get me, not some guy.  People have said to me "you care more about our house than we do". That is not quite true: I care more about my reputation than anything else and the way to protect my reputation is to protect the customer's property.  If I cannot do something in a professional manner and leave the doors or premises better than i found them, I will refuse the job and refer you to someone who i think can do better.   I am never without work and when people call and are sincere with me, I frequently send them to others who I think can provide equal service for the same price or better. 

Know that to get me (the owner), you will pay a premium. I generally will not travel into Manhattan for less than $550 or 3 billable hours of labor.  In Brooklyn and Queens, figure $450, billable.   Maybe a little less near where I live in Queens. 

I am available for on site consultation through my other business, Brownstone Home Inspection LLC and will work with your contractor or you as the homeowner should you wish to DIY. Please visit brownstonehomeinspection.com.  I also provide telephone consultation for people in Westchester and Connecticut when I am less than willing to travel to those locations.  I am a lock retailer and it is possible that I can source and ship locksets and this goes for anyone wishing to DIY (should the order be large enough).